TF Build Instructions


This page provide links and resources to help you build and operate your TF WordClock. To find out more about the WordClock together with purchase information look at the main TF WordClock page.

The instructions document contains all the information you should need to build, setup, operate and hack your TF WordClock. For those with ready built boards, or who just want to get something working quickly section 2 provides quick start information and you will find the  ‘Operating Instructions’ in section 6.

The document is laid out in what you will hopefully find is a logical order starting with build instructions. The build is straightforward but there is the potential to solder parts in the wrong place so please don’t dive straight in with your soldering iron without at least glancing at all the instructions first. The biggest risk here is that you end up soldering one or more of the connectors onto the wrong side of the board.

Do make sure you store your kit safely away from young children as contains small and potentially sharp parts.


Where practical the s/w has been designed to make operating the TF WordClock the same for operation with Raspberry Pi or NANO, where there are differences this is made clear in the instructions. The software for the TF WordClock can all be found on my github site.

Quick Check Revision Status

This section provides a quick reference of the current s/w and documentation revision status.

  • Main TF Wordclock  app = Wordclockr3
  • python class file = timewrd4ca
  • Arduino English = FT_WordClock_R1_English
  • Arduino Dutch = FT_WordClock_R1_Dutch
  • Instructions = TF Instructions F6


Instructions – TF Instructions F6

Software downloads – TF Wordclock github site

‘How to’ and Example Videos

The following are still work in progress but are planned to include

  • Initialisation [pi]
  • Initialisation [Nano]
  • Time setting
  • Brightness adjusting
  • Power down [pi]
  • Error [pi]
  • Selecting demo mode
  • Selecting align mode